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NextGenNews is South Africa's first and only commercial NNTP Service Provider, uniquely positioned to offer vast differences and improvements over the traditional NNTP Service Providers out in the market today. Our highly customised software is unique in the world and written from the ground up by us. We combine a multitude of different Usenet providers into one single, easy to use service to ensure that your articles and completion rates are up to scratch - nothing but the best is good enough. No longer are backup accounts or block accounts at other providers required! We take care of the searching for you to allow you to rely on one single reliable and trusted provider. Easy, quick, and effective.

Once registered and an active subscriber, NextGenNews offers a great customer loyalty and referral program. Get free access for referring your friends to NextgenNews, blogging and/or linking to our web site, or posting your articles to Usenet through us!

NextGenNews is not resellers of any one or more Usenet service providers. We run and maintain our own NNTP server infrastructure and receive news feeds from various Usenet backbones. We run completely independently from other Usenet providers, although we do depend on our partners to provide us with constant news feeds around the clock.


Retention & Completion:
NextGenNews runs completely unique content expiring systems. Articles are no longer stored for a fixed amount of days as is the case with other providers, but rather expired when our servers require disk space. Once we have expired an article, we also have the ability to obtain it again, over and over ensuring that NextGenNews will deliver articles, as long as they exist in the big bad world of Usenet.
Real Time Statistics:
Over the last two days, we have served 24,505,550 Articles, of which 6,681,016 was not found, giving us an true, actual completion ratio of 72.737%

Updated every minute
Proudly South African:
When consumers buy locally produced products and support local service providers, the local economy is stimulated and sustainable job opportunities are created. By supporting local producers and manufacturers, each and every South African can contribute towards creating a bigger demand for home grown products and services; stimulating South Africa's economic growth; helping to prevent job losses and helping to create job opportunities.
256 Bit SSL Encryption:
NextGenNews offers 256 bit SSL Encrypted secure NNTP server connections allowing you the option of a secure Usenet connection. High quality custom built load balancers provide enhanced network optimization and SSL offloading to ensure that from the ground up, we deliver Usenet to our clients as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Great, Pro-Active Support:
We listen, and we respond. Quickly! When you are experiencing problems, you can rest assured that NextGenNews' Support Desk are there to quickly and efficiently assist you as soon as possible. Generally, we will respond to issues within minutes. We also offer live help whereby you can chat to us immediately should you have a problem.
Control Panel:
We have developed an comprehensive control panel allowing our subscribers full control over their NextGenNews accounts and usage. Refer your friends to NextGenNews and receive loyalty rewrads, to up your account when you run out, view detailed usage information, and so much more!

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