Bulk Reseller Services

It can be really fun running news servers, we know! But in today's world, news servers require enormous amounts of transit (over 1.2Gbps) with approximately 15 million articles per day that needs to be indexed, stored, managed, and expired. Running your own infrastructure costs enormous amounts of time, bandwidth and money! At approximately 12TB of data per day, your own infrastructure with just a 60-day retention period means that you will require in excess of 720TB storage, and this just for Usenet! NextGenNews is extremely reliable, scalable, affordable, and notably clue full when it comes to Usenet.

NextGenNews offers Internet Service Providers a unique set of services to turn Usenet into a profitable service, allowing you to repurpose your hardware and infrastructure. In addition, we are completely open to public and/or private peering to enable the Internet Service Provider to offload all requirements for transit in terms of Usenet.

We can provide plans to match your business model, though most Internet Service Providers prefer to be billed per GB of traffic consumed. Alternatively, Internet Service Providers can also be billed on a per simultaneous connection (port) model. All our Usenet services requires user authentication, and NextGenNews integrates directly into the Internet Service Providers authentication systems by using Radius AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) sessions. We authenticate users directly at the Internet Service Provider, and have a range of attributes available to allow the Internet Service Provider to remain in complete control of the user accounts which they manage on behalf of their subscribers. Full accounting records are also provided to the Internet Service Provider for accounting requirements.

By becoming a NextGenNews reseller, you'll have access to all of our Usenet related services and server farms. Your users would connect through load balancers so they would always connect to the fastest server. You are required to run your own Radius capable authentication server that would make it easier for your team to manage your user base.

With our integrated authentication services, you'll be able to control the following settings for each user:

  • The amount of concurrent connections allowed per user
  • How many Gigabytes are allowed to be downloaded, or the time at which the account expires for each user
  • The speed at which the user can download Usenet content
  • Whether posting is allowed or not (will be available later)

We provide all of the neccessary technical information and resources in order to get you going. We also offer complete support to help with the setup and maintenance of your re-seller service, including back-end troubleshooting, service management and assistance with any service we provide.

Our standard pricing on our per GB used based billing methods are below, however we would like to listen to Internet Service Provider's plans and expectations to come up with custom solutions that will suit both parties!

Initial Setup Charge:  ZAR 2, 999.00 per Realm (approx USD 215.33)
Monthly Subscription:  ZAR 1, 999.00 per Realm (approx USD 143.53)
0TB to 4.99TB:  ZAR 0.40 per GB (approx USD 0.029)
5TB to 9.99TB:  ZAR 0.36 per GB (approx USD 0.026)
10TB to 14.99TB:  ZAR 0.30 per GB (approx USD 0.022)
15TB or more:  ZAR 0.26 per GB (approx USD 0.019)


Please contact us to discuss your requirements for Bulk Reseller Services. We are confident that we will be able to provide you with an cost effective means to provide Usenet access to your users, with minimal impact to your bottom line!

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