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Joining NextGenNews is simple and quick! Simply register for your account by completing the form below. We will send you an confirmation e-mail with an unique URL you need to access in order to validate your email address. Once your account has been authorised, you will have access to the control panel where you can purchase the subscription of your choice. Your account will remain active and will never expire, however access to our Usenet servers will be determined by whether or not you have an active subscription in place.

All new registrations will receive a free Block account, with 4GB of pre-paid data loaded onto the account. Once the Block account has been depleted, you can use our Customer Portal to purchase additional subscriptions or top up your Block account with additional pre-paid GBs.

PLEASE NOTE: NextGenNews treats all customers openly, honestly, and fairly - we expect that customers treat us in the same way. Due to abusive users that constantly sign up for new accounts in order to gain access to our free trials, we will not accept any e-mail addresses coming from an "Disposable E-Mail Provider", or DEA service. Should we detect any account on our system using such an email address, your account will be immediately deleted from the system. No questions asked, no refunds, no arguments - you're gone. We go through great lengths to ensure that users only sign up for one single account, and we ask that all customers please obey by the rules and keep to our one user, one account policy. Duplicate accounts, and more specifically, duplicate trials will not be tollerated at all and we consider this as a serious matter.

NextGenNews cannot accept DEAs and require valid e-mail addresses as we continuesly communicate with you. We not only send you e-mails during the signup process to obtain an account, but also

  • E-mail you when there are any serious problems affecting our services.
  • E-mail you when your block and/or premium subscription is about to run out, so that you have enough time to recharge your account before you get disconnected.
  • Your e-mail address also becomes your username, therefore not using a valid e-mail address means you run a huge risk in that you may forget your username.
  • We can easily locate users between NextGenNews and our support desk, allowing for quick turnarround times when debugging problems and issues.

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