I recently joined and I cannot authenticate to the Usenet servers. I get a 502 error

Posted on 12 July 2014 09:48 AM

502 errors are generally related to authentication problems. The most common reason for new users getting 502 errors are typing errors when configuring the client software for your NextGenNews account.

There are five things that must be set correctly in your newsreader software in order to access the news server:

  1. User ID. NextGenNews uses your e-mail address as your username.  The e-mail address must match what you used when registering your account at NextGenNews.
  2. User Password. Passwords at NextGenNews are case sensitive.  If your password appears to contain the number one or the lowercase letter "L", please check it very carefully.  The most common reason for 502 errors is swapping the number one and lowercase letter "L" in your password. Numeral one and lowercase letter "L" can appear very similar depending on your computers fonts. You may want to consider copying and pasting your password from our e-mail into your newsreader client - be careful not to copy leading or trailing spaces. If you are in doubt, copy your password to a word processor and choose a large font to study whether you have a numeral one or lowercase letter "L".  Please Note: If you change your password on our website, it updates to our news server as well, so remember to change your newsreader password if you change your password on our website.  Password changes on our web site takes effect immediately, and any new sessions established to our news servers will require the new, updated password.
  3. Server Name. Our news server name is not: Check to be sure you are using a server name listed in your new customer signup mail.
  4. Connection Port. If you are making a regular NNTP connection, be sure your newsreader is using one of the ports listed in your new customer e-mail. If you are connecting to one of the SSL news servers, be sure to choose a SSL port from the list in your welcome mail. NNTP and SSL connections use different ports. For SSL, some news reader software packages require you to check a box or type the port number in a different part of the server setup process.
  5. Login authorization required. Our news servers require confirming you are authorized to connect before accepting connections. Your news reader software must be configured to send your login information. Normally, this is done by checking "login authorization required " or "send login information when connecting” or similar.

If this does not solve the problem please contact us by logging a Support Ticket.  Please be sure to include your member id in your support ticket.


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