What are our retention periods?

Posted on 12 July 2014 09:56 AM

NextGenNews doesn’t work on retention periods where articles are kept for a fixed amount of days. NextGenNews utilizes an LFUDA (Least Frequently Used with Dynamic Aging) policy to determine which and when to expire articles from our local cluster of servers.

All our Usenet servers has a fixed amount of storage and articles are intelligently shared between them. When a server is running low on disk space, the article which was accessed the longest time ago, is removed first.

This only means that we have removed the article locally from our customer facing servers, and does not mean that the article cannot be provided again from one of our other servers should it be requested again.

The method of article expiry is very similar to the algorithms used by HTTP proxy servers for content expiration, and works extremely well for NextGenNews.


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